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Mobile Valeting Services In Waltham Cross

Our prices start from as little as £50. Offering a complete mobile service so you don't have to go anywhere, we can save you time and money and still provide a beautiful finish every time. View all our services below or take a look at our gallery page, if you have any enquiries don't hesitate to get in touch. All of our water and electric is supplied through our van.

Wide Range Of Valeting Services To Suit All Budgets

Car Wash

Maintenance Wash

From £50

Bronze Valet

this is more for the vehicles that are cleaned regular.


Snow Foam pre wash, Two bucket method wash, Rinsed, Towel dried, Interior vacuumed, Interior trim cleaned, Interior Windows cleaned, Door shuts cleaned, Tyre shine.


Price varies with size of vehicle and condition

Advanced Vehicle Clean

From £75

Silver Valet

More Focus On Interior 

If the car is looking good on the outside but not so great on the inside then this is the way to do it. All mats, carpets and seats are wet vacuumed to bring them back to their original state. Leather interiors are cleaned and conditioned to bring back the ‘new car’ feel.

Image by Oliur
Image by Mateusz Delegacz

Post/Presale Clean

From £140


This is a great way to increase the value of a car you’re selling, or if you’ve just bought a car and want it freshening up before you bring it home. This clean can be done before you as a buyer collects the car, or before the car is sold.

Full Valet

From £120

Gold Package


Snow Foam pre wash, Two bucket method wash, Rinsed, Plush microfibre towel dried, Spray sealant applied to exterior, Interior vacuumed, Cloth seats will be wet vacuumed to remove stains, Leather seats will be cleaned and conditioned, Interior trim cleaned, Exterior & Interior glass polished, Door sills cleaned, Tyres dressed, Air freshener. Price starting from £90 and varies on size of vehicle and condition.

Car Front
Image by Adam Stefanca

Add Ons

Sealant Applied up to 6 months protection From £60
Hand Polish (Tar & Contamination removed prior) From £40
Hand Waxed - up to 3 months protection From £50
Ceramic Waxed up to 12 months protection From £100 (not machine polish)


Please note: Any vehicles with pet hair or heavily soiled will occur an additional charge. These start from £15

Paint Enhancement

From £220


This is great if your car doesn't have the ultimate shine, stand out from the crowd with this one. Have the most shiny car on the street, your neighbours would be jealous.

This will get rid of the swirl marks and minor scratches. We attend all scratches to try to get rid of as much as we can. Depending on the scratch itself this would come at an additional cost.

Image by Olav Tvedt
Car Side Mirror

Decal Removal

Starting from £120


Lease up for renewal? Selling the vehicle? Whatever it is we are here to help, with the tools and cleaning products you wouldn't believe there was ever a sticker on it. 

Price is depending on size and amount of decal to be removed.

Detail Interior/Exterior

From £600 This will take a minimum of 2 days and the car will can be collected & dropped off back to you depending on distance. This will be discussed with yourself first, if you prefer you can drop off and collect.

The first step of our 6-step detailing plan is to give some attention to your wheels and tyres as these are your car's first point of contact with the road surface.

Wheels are often the worst affected parts of the vehicle and become very easily caked in brake dust and dirt from day to day driving. Targeting them first will help ensure that they don’t contaminate other areas of the vehicle later on in the vehicle cleaning process.


Wash away grime. Washing your vehicle is important as the exterior is the first thing to leave an impression.  

PART 1- Before we begin the exterior wash process we will ensure that heavily soiled areas such as engine bays, fuel filler flaps and door shuts are suitably clean to minimise the risk of debris transfer onto the paintwork.

PART 2- Snow foam prewash through a snow foam lance pressure washer attachment. This pressured application creates a thick foam that clings to the dirt on the vehicle and once left to dwell will remove most of the dirt without contact.

PART 3 - Safe wash. This is normally with 2/3 buckets just to make sure that anything still on the vehicle doesn't stay then once this has been complete the vehicle will then be rinsed and dried.


Decontamination - There are two methods that are used, one being chemical the other being physical, although the vehicle looks clean it will still have dirt on it, this is not always visible to the eye.

Chemical decon - This is the removal of brake dust, tree sap, tar and other various contaminants.

Physical decon - This is where the clay bar comes out with the treatment to remove all final surface contaminants that the other processes couldn't get.

Polish - There are different ways of doing this, my preferred way is to machine polish to get the  majority of marks, swirls/spider webs. Also, if there are any light scratches we will do the best to remove these and make them less visible.

Protect - Once complete the vehicle is then treated to a ceramic wax giving the vehicle protection for up to 12 months. This is dependent on how the vehicle is looked after, after work has been completed.

Finish - This is where the final looks and checks are done to make sure everything is complete.

Image by Karl Köhler

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